Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Fruit Potential Drugs HIV / AIDS

Red fruit (Phaleria papuana / Red Froot Oil) from Papua gives great hope for people living with HIV / AIDS. A number of people living with HIV / AIDS who already consume juice feel health conditions change significantly.

Bird Flu

1. What is called Flu-Bird?
Avian Influenza is a disease caused by influenza viruses that attack birds / poultry / chicken. One type that need to be aware is caused by influenza viruses with H5N1 genetic code (H = Haemagglutinin, N = Neuramidase) which in addition can be transmitted from bird to bird turns can also be transmitted from birds to humans.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Real Madrid is more favored

Real Madrid is always save optimism although they had to pay a visit to Barcelona. Especially this season is the greater confidence because of preparation ahead of the El Clasico Los Merengues never as good as this.
4-0 victory gained over Ajax Amsterdam in Champions League Matchday fifth is just one great stock Madrid before it came to the Nou Camp on Monday (29/11/2010) future.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Whiten Teeth of fruits

1. Strawberries
Strawberries are one of the foods that can naturally whiten teeth. Contained malic acid in strawberries act as a substance that would erode and remove a few stains on the tooth surface.
Strawberries are blended with half a teaspoon of baking soda can act as a tooth whitener. Apply the mixture to the tooth surface for 5 minutes to obtain satisfactory results.

Dangers of eating french fries

As dipubliaksikan in the British Journal of Cancer, the habit of eating foods containing Acrylamide increases the risk of breast cancer, especially in women who have entered menopause.
Scientists at the University of Leeds, UK, conducted a large-scale study involving women aged 35-69 years 33.7331. These women were followed for 11 years in research, titled "United Kingdom Women's Cohort Study." In this study, researchers examined food intake contains Acrylamide, a potential carcinogen substance that is also found in other crunchy foods, like potato chips.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

five-part life insurance benefits

  1. ensure that your family has sufficient funds if you die suddenly. Or, your family get protection when you experience a total permanent disability due to illness you suffered so that you can not work as usual.Of course, we never expect this catastrophe.

Friday, November 19, 2010

healthy life by eating avocados

These have a very high nutrient content. Avocado least contains 11 vitamins and 14 minerals that are useful. Avocados are rich in protein, riboflavin (otherwise known as vitamin B2), niacin (otherwise known as vitamin B3), potassium (or more commonly known as potassium), and vitamin C (prevention of thrush)

health benefits of drinking tea

Benefits of drinking tea for health, among others, is as an antioxidant, repairing damaged cells, smooth skin, slim body, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, the blood circulation. So, do not be surprised if this tea beverage touted as a beverage rich in benefits.

The following benefits from drinking yoghurt:

1. Healthy digestion
Based on research results, yogurt can cope with the problem of digestive diseases such as diarrhea, colitis, colon cancer or lactose intolerance.
2. Preventing osteoporosis
Because yoghourt milk-based, then the yogurt contains calcium and vitamin D. Both these substances can form a person has osteoporosis.

benefits of drinking yoghurt

also dienal with yogurt or sour milk is the result of fermentation of susu.Yoghurt itself contains two types of probiotics, namely lactobacillus and bifidobachterium.manfaat drinking yoghurt. lose weight and to increase appetite.

cycling for health benefits

cycling for health benefits to tighten the muscles of the bottom like betis.dengan cycling is also able to burn the calories in the body as much as 300 to 700 calories in every hour, so the cycling is useful also to lose weight, but that with cycling may also increase lung volume up to 50% so that oxygen can ditambung more in our bodies, with cycling, we also can reduce air pollution in the city and also reduce traffic jams.