Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Fruit Potential Drugs HIV / AIDS

Red fruit (Phaleria papuana / Red Froot Oil) from Papua gives great hope for people living with HIV / AIDS. A number of people living with HIV / AIDS who already consume juice feel health conditions change significantly.
University professors of Papua (Indonesia) I Made Budi said this to media after the interview for Metro TV, a person with HIV / AIDS, initially weighing 27 kg, after eating the red fruit, up to 42 kg, "jelasMade. According to Made, a study of red juice or called kuansu by local people become drug HIV / AIDS is not accidental. At first he watched the red fruit that weighs 15 kg and its length is 1 m was taken as a food ingredient Wamena community.
When university lecturer is carefully observing the surrounding community was rarely affected by cancer, heart disease, and hypertension. "At that time I suspect that the rare disease that affects people of Wamena associated with fruit."
Made still not interested in conducting further research. But in 1982, he continued his education in the field of S-2 Community Nutrition at Bogor Agricultural University. At that time he observed the natural content of red fruit.
Back to Wamena, Made continue his research
After knowing the content of red fruit contains many antioxidants, betakarotin, Omega 3 and 9, as well as many other substances that are useful to increase endurance, he began to perform experiments on birds.
According to Madeleine, as many as 30 birds given red juice capsules were not exposed to the virus. In fact, it is the season when a virus that attacks poultry.
From the results of tests on these birds, Made juice also gives it to people with gout, high cholesterol, and cancer. "Some of my neighbors who had cancer I gave the red juice. Development is very good, "he said.
Made continues to develop research by conducting studies in American literature that, beta carotene is used for the treatment of lung cancer. Beta carotene alone there are many in the red juice. Even the total beta-carotene in red fruit over 12,000 ppm. "From that I conclude it's good red fruit used for food and health at the same time," he explained.
Six months ago, NGOs Public Health Development Foundation (YKPM) Papua (Indonesia) to accompany a person with HIV / AIDS, namely Agustina to Madeleine. Agustina was given a red juice that has been specially formulated. Apparently after taking over two months, his condition improved.

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